I have intimacy issues.

Three minute video
Can be seen at Currents [ curated by Barbara Zucker ]
from January 4th to February 4th at
A.I.R. Gallery [ 155 Plymouth Street   |   Brooklyn NY ]

For more details contact Amy at AmyCannestra@gmail.com

I am a strong confident woman. I take pride in the fact that I have opinions and use my art to talk about complex issues that challenge identity and language. I defy simplistic categorization and my work explores the multitudes of self.


In elementary school I remember boys and girls being separated before being taught about their bodies, periods, boners, pregnancy, etc. Ever since then I thought that was how conversations about “women’s problems” should happen; not around boys. Have those discussions behind closed doors, be discrete. Even today I still whisper the word period and cringe at the thought of having to have conversations about birth control and abortions.

I have intimacy issues. is a video that gives power back to us. Our bodies are our own and we can do with them what we need to.


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