You can’t spell ‘Privilege’ without ‘Leg[s]’

You can’t spell ‘Privilege’ without ‘Leg[s]’ is a multi channel installation where TVs sit in the crotch of the pantyhose, with videos of slightly abstracted looping seascapes from the shores of Wind Lake, Wisconsin, Grenada, West Indies, and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Soundtrack written and performed by Emily Constantinou.

This installation can currently be seen at the TRIO Biennale in Rio. Opens December 17th, 2017 and running until March 18th, 2018.


This multi-media installation is composed of nylon bodies. These bodies fill the space with their long surreal legs causing viewers to feel as if they are joining a place and overhearing conversation that they cannot contribute to.

Change cannot happen without uncomfortable conversations and if we avoid or don’t have those conversations we will just keep talking in circles and progress will not be made.

Identity is not binary. Language needs to evolve to cater to a larger spectrum.

You can’t spell ‘Privilege’ without ‘Leg[s]’ is an installation that encourages meditation,  introspection and hopefully an uncomfortable awareness of ones own privilege and place.

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